Accessibility fail: large text settings in modern web & mobile browsers

by Jason Li

Illustration of my friend laughing at me for using large fonts

My eyes prefer large text. Even though I have almost perfect vision, my eyes are more comfortable with a larger text size setting. This is true whether I'm reading something on my desktop computer or my mobile phone. Unfortunately, support for increasing the native text size on webpages is scant, and each company has their own method of implementation. Many accessibility standards have been established over the past few decades, but when it comes to default text

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Gumroad's broken cover images + my current workarounds

by Jason Li

As a cartoonist, Gumroad is great: it allows me to easily sell PDF e-books and physical merch in the same place and doesn't charge a monthly fee. It even has an automated integration with Printful, which I use to make shirts and totes.

But as a designer, I have serious issues with the way Gumroad website displays its product "cover" images.

Note: Screenshots below have been taken from the excellent Kyle T Webster Photoshop brush pack store

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3 apps for 3 different purposes, me and my Apple Pencil

by Jason Li

Illustration of three

I’ve had the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro since they were released at the tail end of 2015. They've both been a joy to use – I love being able to read a two-page spread of a comic book on the large iPad, and the Pencil’s pointy tip is a welcome change from the fat-finger styluses I had before. As a cartoonist, I was also excited by its potential for creating illustrations. I was not disappointed,

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Is Tachyons the right CSS framework for me?

by Jason Li

My experience after shipping three projects with it

Screenshots of my Tachyons-built projects

Tachyons is an up-and-coming, atomic CSS framework. Having just wrapped up my third project that uses Tachyons, I wanted to share a bit about my experience with it – particularly because not much has been written about how people actually use Tachyons.

Over the past year, I used Tachyons as the CSS framework for these projects:

  1. Vanilla Milkshake open source Wordpress theme
  2. Jason Li Comics site
  3. Access My Info Hong
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Animating pixel art with Piskel: round one

by Jason Li

I recently discovered Piskel, a wondrously open-source pixel art drawing and animation program. I had initially came across it while looking for a new pixel art painting program, and was soon enticed by its animation features.

So I went to play.

On my first attempt, I created a Christmas card based on a lovely holiday-themed conversation a friend had with their Asian parents:

Asian parents Christmas card

Then I created a little, pixel art commercial for the SmartCasual team (they're making

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Newslettering My Way Into Personal Accountability

by Jason Li

My new monthly and annual newsletter habit

Illustration of me running away from a newsletter

The problem with independent-creator projects is that there’s no one at the other end to hold you accountable. There are no bosses, investors, clients or employees waiting on you, so projects tend to drift on in perpetuity, especially if they’re not-for-profit initiatives. This project drift has been a personal problem of mine for the past ten years. Within this time, I co-founded a research collective, ran a group

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Resources for Buying Farm Direct in Hong Kong

by Jason Li

Translator's note: The following is a translation of a Facebook post compiled by 港嘢 (Kong Yeah), a Hong Kong-based group that supports local agriculture and production.

There are farmers markets, organic farmers' stalls at the wet market, CSA websites, and other points of sale. We welcome your recommendations for where you support and buy your local produce.

The following list will be updated periodically. Last updated March 5, 2016.

Hong Kong Island

1. Organic Farmers Market in

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The Add Oil Comics Year 1 Annual Report

by Jason Li

What worked, what didn’t, and my plans for year two

Illustration of me carrying Add Oil Comics

Add Oil Comics was launched in October 2014 during the Occupy Hong Kong movement. Its founding was sparked by the overwhelming response I received from a comic I made about the social movement at the time. Since then, Add Oil Comics has evolved into a bi-weekly webcomic series that covers Black Lives Matter in the US, the democracy movement here in Hong Kong, and transgender experiences

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Calling bullshit on the left-brain versus right-brain concept

by Jason Li

First, a true story:

Comic strip about my experience at a job interview years ago

ICYMI the concept of left-brain versus right-brain thought is not real science.

Source 1

Jeffery Anderson, professor of radiology at the University of Utah:

The pop culture idea (creative vs. logical traits) has no support in the neuroscience community and flies in the face of decades of research about brain organization, the functional roles of the two brain hemispheres and evidence from patients with lesions in one or the other hemisphere in the

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Celiac-Friendly/Gluten-Free Restaurants in Hong Kong

by Jason Li

Where my celiac friends eat when they're in Hong Kong (see Wikipedia: coeliac disease):

  • Sohofama – quality Chinese food with gluten-free options on the menu
  • Yardbird - that fusion yakitori place that all your American hipster friends told you you have to go to
  • La Vache - only serves one meal: salad + steak + fries.
  • Sunday's Grocery - fun takeout sandwiches. By the same people behind Yardbird.
  • Chôm Chôm - Vietnamese.
  • Be-Juiced - primarily a juice bar but also
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