Designer as author quotes

Quote one.

The case for authorial design, from Hong Kong Sixties Designing Identity (p127):

Because sometimes design is “a vivid metaphor for progress in a Colony without democracy — progress without politics”…

Quote two.

I found a person (Robin Sloan) who calls himself a media inventor, which sounds a lot like the kind of thing I’m into:

It’s somebody primarily interested in content who also experiments with new technology, new processes, and new formats. Allen Lane was a media inventor. Early bloggers were media inventors. Right now, the indie video game scene is full of media inventors.

Fundamentally, I think, a media inventor is someone who isn’t satisfied with the suite of formats that have been handed down to him by his culture (and economy). Novel, novella, short story; album, EP, single; RPG, RTS, FPS—a media inventor doesn’t like those choices. It turns out a media inventor feels compelled to make the content and the container.

Via Noah Brier’s blog.

P.S. Mr Sloan even chose the same wordpress theme to modify as me. Ha.

By Jason Li

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