During the past year, I read…

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During the past year, I read 61 books.

To be precise, it’s been a year and eight days; I arrived back in Hong Kong on the 16th of April, 2010 and started keeping a track of what I read on LibraryThing since then (also rating and writing reviews of each book after I finished them).

Some statistics about what I read. First, let’s pull some automatic stats from LibraryThing...

Ratings I gave (average = 3.43)

My LibraryThing ratings

When were the books I read published? (Average = 2006)

Publication decade ranges

How high is my hypothetical book stack for this year? (Just taller than Emperor Napoleon.)

Book stack heights

Now onto some manual statistics...

I know many of the 61 books were actually comic books/graphic novels, which are much easier to read than text-only books. Just how many of the 61 were comic books? 29 / 61 — which means I only read 32 “book” books.

What about the fiction/non-fiction split? I prefer the former but have been trying to catch up on the latter. 31 were non-fiction, which is a good half-half split. Though many of these (10) were biographical works, which often read like fiction.

And which six books did I give five stars to?

By Jason Li

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