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When I was in New York last month, my friend Winston approached me about building a personal web presence for him. A budding author who’d just relocated from the world of finance, he had recently been published in several periodicals and was keen to start promoting himself.

I showed him and, and we both agreed that it was a little too in-your-face and “American” for him.

So we went to sketching, right there, in the cafe we were at in downtown Manhattan.

Sketches for Winston Len dotcom

He picked the concept on the bottom left for its liveliness and deviance from typical author bio-plus-photo websites.

Almost a month later, he reminded me about the website (while holding an article for World Wide Pop hostage) and I went to work.

There was one problem: That design on the bottom right required a photo of several people, preferably all of my friend, dancing around on a field. He did not have such a photo. He did have this though:

Portrait of Winston Len

So I set to work. I started fiddling around with Photoshop, referring only occasionally to my initial sketches. Because I knew we didn’t want to be a watered-down version of /, I didn’t want to blow up the photo too large. Shifting the photo around in Illustrator, and casting text left and right of it, I realized that if I shrunk the photo down enough, it could look a bit like a postal stamp. And that was my “in” to the final concept: An author’s postcard:

Screenshot of Winston Len dotcom

The rest was just some HTML/CSS magic. See the final result here.

By Jason Li

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