Celiac-Friendly/Gluten-Free Restaurants in Hong Kong

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Where my celiac friends eat when they're in Hong Kong (see Wikipedia: coeliac disease):

  • Sohofama – quality Chinese food with gluten-free options on the menu
  • Yardbird - that fusion yakitori place that all your American hipster friends told you you have to go to
  • La Vache - only serves one meal: salad + steak + fries.
  • Sunday's Grocery - fun takeout sandwiches. By the same people behind Yardbird.
  • Chôm Chôm - Vietnamese.
  • Be-Juiced - primarily a juice bar but also serves fresh salads, pasta and acai bowls.
  • Ronin - upscale Japanese restaurant-bar. By the same people behind Yardbird.
  • BÊP - Vietnamese. Alternate location here.
  • Grassroots Pantry - vegetarian and vegan friendly. Alternate location here.
  • Ho Lee Fook - Cantonese roast meats served by white kitchen staff. Will serve gluten-free upon request.

Many thanks for Adam Morse for compiling 99% of this list.

For more gluten-free options in Hong Kong, check out Sassy Hong Kong and Time Out Hong Kong's lists.

And if you have a gluten allergy and travel abroad frequently – check out this beautifully-designed gluten-free phrasebook app.

By Jason Li

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