Chinese restaurants in Barcelona

By Jason Li

2010 April 28

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Finding authentic and good Chinese food in Barcelona is no easy feat. The city’s not big enough for a Chinatown, but luckily for me, it is big enough to have a couple of pretty good Chinese restaurants. After almost two years of living there, I came upon two favorites:

Both of these places are dingy and swimming in fluorescent light. If you want to head towards something more respectable, I’d recommend:

If you’re bored of those four, I also tried two Taiwanese restaurants that were pretty good food at a middling price range:

If this isn’t enough and you want an adventure, you should definitely head out to Badalona and explore the Chinese neighborhood there. I’ve had two meals there, hotpot and noodles, and they’ve both been pretty good.

Now for the restaurants to avoid, in case you’ve been reading around on the internet:

Now before the end, I want to leave you with a cultural mystery…

…and a nugget I didn’t know where to place:

I hope that covers it. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below!

By Jason Li.

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