Ins & Outs of Vietnam's "Visa On Arrival" Program

By Jason Li

2014 June 27

A blurred copy of my Vietnam Visa on Arrival

I recently found myself on a last minute business trip to Vietnam where I didn’t have enough time to go through the regular consulate/embassy process (4-day turnaround) and had to apply online for an unofficial (albeit faster) “visa on arrival”.

TL;DR. It works! And it worked for all of the friends I asked too!

Here’s what I found out in my research on the visa on arrival program:

Here’s what I found out about the various online services. As some online services have their staff pose as users to write and reply to messages on internet forums, I sought out real-life friends to see which service they went with.

And here’s a rundown of my experience after I received my approval letter:

That’s it!

A final note of caution: the visa on arrival service in Vietnam is relatively new and the rules may change any time. So be sure to research any new developments before applying!

By Jason Li.

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