Companion Guide to "Discover Meteor"

By Jason Li

2014 September 16

Discover Meteor cover

Several months ago, I bit the bullet and made my first foray into full-stack development by learning the Javascript-based Meteor framework. In little over a month (I took a break from freelance work) I managed to build a simple Elance-like service by following the chapters in the Discover Meteor book.

Along the way, I discovered some great online resources that supplemented Discover Meteor.

First, in prepartion for the book:

Then, as I was reading the book, I almost always kept these sites open in the other tabs on my browser so I could dig deeper into the syntax. (There is such a long list because Meteor uses various technologies and it’s not obvious when it’s a function from Meteor, MongoDB, Underscore, etc.)

That’s it! Let me know if there’s anything you think is missing from the lists above.

Special thanks to Nick Budden for pointing me towards Discover Meteor.

By Jason Li.

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