My pixel art at the Asian Art Museum (San Francisco)

By Jason Li

2015 September 10

Photo of the China memes map at the Asian Art Museum

As part of our work at The Civic Beat, An Xiao Mina and I worked with Ruth Miller on a map of Chinese internet memes for a night at the Asian Art Museum. The printed map (shown above) was showcased as part of an event there entitled Memes, Puns and Selfies: A Look at Chinese Digital Culture.

An Xiao led the research and planning, I contributed pixel art creatures, and Ruth was in charge of cartography and map design; Marc Meyer was our counterpart at the Asian Art Museum.

I was unable to attend the event, but everyone I spoke to enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus, the map was well-received enough that research from it has been expanded and channeled into a new exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image in New York.

By Jason Li.

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