My experience with Comixology Submit

By Jason Li

2017 November 28

Teachers Pet on Comixology

TLDR – it was fast and easy and is now online.

When I first decided to send my comics through Comixology’s indie “Submit” channel, I wasn’t sure if the service was still live. The website looked dated, and there weren’t any blog posts written in the last 1-2 years about the program. Luckily the system is still active, and my comic was even processed faster than I expected.

To fill the void, here’s a short timeline of how my submission went through in 2017:

That was it. No extra review or Q&A, and it took just under two months. The comic is now on Comixology with Guided View.

A note about updating your information: after hitting submit, there is no way to edit any of the information about the work or the author, short of emailing them about it. The only thing I can edit right now is my “publisher information.”

Check out my submission here.

Update: I received my “Comixology Submit payment report for November 2017” via email on 29 December 2017. Attached was a spreadsheet of sales/profits made.

By Jason Li.

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