XOXO: a travelogue

By Jason Li

2018 September 12

I arrive (early)!

Arriving at mural installation

Internet friending soon commences

Friending internet friends 1

Friending internet friends 2

Friending internet friends 3

Other XOXO conversation starters

XOXO greetings

I go to the #comics meet up

Comics meetup

Presenting... XOXO FOMO


I choose my strategy for XOXO FOMO; also a revelation...


The talks begin...

Emoji talk

The talks are mostly pretty great (this year's unofficial theme is vulnerability and imposter syndrome) though some become controversial...

Pepe talk

Conference organizers Andy & Andy, it turns out, are real serious about feedback.


Note: these comments are not referring to the Pepe talk.

Social exhaustion sets in. I sleep through a morning full of talks.

Impromptu lunch

I linger long enough after Ryan North and Lucy Bellwood's talk that I find myself in a cozy small circle...

Ryan North magic

During the final day, I'm suddenly showered with positive affirmation...

Positive Affirmation

And two new friends I'd met days ago find me to make sure I get a copy of their zines.


And finally, in my last hour at XOXO, I have a quiet moment to myself as I write a letter to my future self.

Dear future me by alice lee part 2

Epilogue: The XOXO afterglow


By Jason Li.

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