Giving Tuesday: Hong Kong edition

By Jason Li

2018 November 30

Giving Tuesday is an annual tradition in the US where people donate to the causes dear to their heart on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Given that it comes hot on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (big off and online shopping days respectively), I always find that Giving Tuesday is a breath of fresh air and welcome signal that the consumerist long weekend is over.

Thanks to the power of social media advertising, I’d donated to some US non-profits during the last few Giving Tuesdays. But given that I live in Hong Kong, it felt odd not to support my favorite causes here in my hometown as well. So this year, I set out to research and compile a list of local causes and organizations that I am supporting on this Giving Tuesday.

I believe in giving a little bit of money to many places rathern than placing all of my charitable eggs in one basket. So these are all the organizations that I will be supporting on this Giving Tuesday. Write in the comments below if you have others ones you’d recommend.

By Jason Li.

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